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Unknown (could be a reference to the bird or the fruit, both of which have origins in New Zealand)


Kiwi is a pet name that is often associated with pets who have a small and round body, similar to the fruit kiwi. The name Kiwi is derived from the flightless bird native to New Zealand, which is also known as the kiwi. As such, the name Kiwi could evoke a sense of uniqueness, independence, and resilience, as well as a playful or curious personality. Additionally, Kiwi can also be a reference to the fruit, which is known for its sweet and tangy flavor and vibrant green color. This interpretation could be fitting for a pet who is energetic, lively, and full of personality. Overall, Kiwi is a fun and adorable pet name that can capture the distinctive qualities and characteristics of your furry friend.

Ideal Pets For The Name Kiwi

Pet Image

  • A small and energetic bird, such as a Budgerigar or Cockatiel
  • A curious and intelligent bird, such as a African Grey or Eclectus Parrot
  • A playful and affectionate cat, such as a Siamese or Tonkinese
  • A small and active dog, such as a Chihuahua or Jack Russell Terrier
  • A friendly and loyal dog, such as a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever
  • A cute and cuddly guinea pig, such as an American or Abyssinian
  • A soft and fluffy rabbit, such as an Angora or Lionhead
  • A colorful and active fish, such as a Betta or Guppy
  • A small and easy-to-care-for reptile, such as a Leopard Gecko or Crested Gecko
  • A furry and playful hamster, such as a Winter White or Roborovski

Popular Culture and Associations

  • Kiwi bird (flightless bird native to New Zealand)
  • Kiwi fruit (small, brown, fuzzy fruit with green flesh)
  • Kiwi shoe polish (brand of shoe polish)
  • Kiwi Crate (subscription service for kids' crafts)
  • Kiwi the Cat (character in the animated movie "The Secret Life of Pets")

Sibling Name Ideas

  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Berry
  • Plum
  • Apple

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